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Water ram

The water ram pumps the water from the bottom of the valley to all houses of our farm – we have never had any other water supply and we will never have anything else.
The pump working by the power of flowing water “the Water ram”. Friedrich Johanson constructed and built it to supply his farm with water.

The pump works since 1939 and it pumps 5 m3 water in a day to the water container situated 30 metres higher. A water ram is a plant which uses hydraulic impact for rising water. An hydraulic impact is a pressure change in pipes resulting from rapid change of speed. The plant consists of feeding pipes, a working chamber, an air boiler and pressure pipes, the construction is easy and it works automatically. A water ram does not need any maintenance, it works for a long time and securely. A water ram can raise water higher than 50 m. It can be used in places where the water supply is much larger than the demand and the plant can be installed under the water level of the bottom container (spring). The difference between the water levels must be at least 1 metre in order to make a water ram function – rivers, streams, dams etc.  Water rams are used in agriculture, for water supply of small buildings etc.

Now there is also another water ram with two impact valves in our farm which has been already working for several years, this one was constructed and built by Jüri Johanson, the son of Friedrich Johanson. This water ram supplies the log cabin on the hill with water and it also constantly pumps water into a pound in front of the building by using a fountain. This pump raises about 10-12 thousand litres of water from the bottom of the valley up to the top of the hill during 24 hours.

If you wish we can also build a water ram for you when you have the appropriate conditions and you would like to have a water pump that does not use any electric energy and works all year round without the need to be repaired all the time. (For this you should call Jüri Johanson, the phone number is on the bottom of our webpage)

Alar Johanson, tel: +372 55521555, e-mail: